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Rainie Yang was with Roy Chiu Tse in "summer", Roy Chiu Tse fell in love for her.

May not be long, Roy Chiu Tse began to show a variety of love affair.

Impression, Roy Chiu Tse followed his father moved 8 times.Love become attached to the "summer home three thousand gold", handsome male female beauty, age, two people soon fall in love.At that time Qiu Zedou, Tang Yan in the cause of the rise, especially Roy Chiu Tse, very fancy in the mainland of the performing arts market, they asked Tang Yan to conceal the relationship."Beautiful Weiyang" ending, although the outcome is not perfect, but the good news is that the movie actress Tang Yan, Luo Jin good together.Recently, Tang Yanxi, Ren Qiuze attended the event, said to be a public users hanging.

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