Rules for texting and online friendshipdating

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Rules for texting and online friendshipdating

Khosrow was a pioneer in the literary use of the language, and his work included folksongs, riddles and traditional couplets known as dohas.

We've been friends for about 4 years now but were never really that close due to her bf at the time when we met hated me and my gf at the time hated her.Contact with the Persian language led to the Urdu language’s adoption of a greater number of Persian loanwords.The fact that Urdu was also adopted as the language of many Muslim courts at the time also allowed for contact between Urdu and Arabic, and the Urdu language subsequently came to borrow many Arabic loan-words as well.After that night we started keeping in better touch, agreeing we missed each other and didn't want to let relationships keep us from being friends Slowly we began hanging out, texting constantly, she calls me every day on her lunch break and all that jazz, our friends even say we're in a closet relationship.So the other night We had a conversation about our "feelings and whatnot" but she seemed reluctant to talk about what our next step is. TL; DR Me and best friend in relationship limbo, should i hold out for what could be a really healthy and possibly lasting relationship at risk of ruining a friendship, or distance myself until our feelings kind of disappate?

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