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Russian dating secrets com

But facts are facts and the facts are that although I really wanted to get married and have a family, I didn't get married in Russia.

Frankly, I was amazed with the number and quality of men who answered my ad, they were educated, interesting, mature and really wanted to have a family! This was such a difference with Russian men, it was hard to believe! (This is probably how you feel reading profiles of Russian women)Long story short, I met my future husband rather quickly although it took us 12 month before we met in person and another half a year before we got married.I had my own apartment and a car, so the reason why I decided to look for a husband abroad was not because I was desperate or living in poverty.I lived in Ekaterinburg, one of the biggest cities in Russia, traveled a lot, both around the countries of the former Soviet Union (when I started to travel it was still a country; Soviet Union ended in 1991 and all former 15 Soviet Republics became independent countries) and "far abroad", how Russians call the countries, which were not a part of the USSR.My cousin married a guy from the USA, and my friends are communicating with Americans, Australians and Europeans.The idea of relationships between Western men and foreign women was really interesting to me, and that is why I decided to design this site.

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Being single at 29 is more than just a little unusual for a Russian woman.