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I look back and wonder, how the heck, I have even gone this far?And not only did I get this far, I can honestly say also, that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. may I pay tribute, in my own little way, to the man I consider a modern day hero for he has remained a constant reminder that indeed, I too can Dream…As Rustom, she was known as a ’90s action star and a matinee idol, like her brother.

BB said that three years after that confession, he realized what he is--a transgender.

As I enter my decade of resilience to endure all that is needed to go thru the very, an understatement, difficult process called TRANSITION, even more challenging times ahead is expected.

I’ve been mentioning these different aspects such as the physical, social, psychological, spiritual, physiological and professional confusion bec I have believed from the onset of my transition that all of these will be vital as I see myself eventually assimilating in the society as a woman, not as a man cross dressing as a woman or as a gay man, no pun intended, but as a WOMAN, transgender I may be.

Gandanghari came out as gay in 2006, then as a transgender woman later in 2009.

Padilla only began to refer to Gandanghari as a sister instead of a brother in 2013, but now seems to fully accept his sister for her new identity. She’s an Uber driver there,” Padilla said in Tagalog.

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Peaceful and hopeful as I enter my decade of womanhood, despite the troubling hate that threatens my person even in the land of the Free and the Brave.

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