Ryan sheckler taylor bogart dating

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TV’s viewership generally tends to be less than discerning when it comes to their tastes in reality programming, preferring the sensational to the subtle, so it’s rather startling to find that “Life of Ryan,” the series which follows the life and times of professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, is more easily described by the latter adjective.

The show offers an unexpectedly sentimental look at the life of a teenager who, despite having a lifestyle that’s far from average, manages to come across as someone who you wouldn’t mind your kid hanging out with.

Learn from his amazing mentors as they try to keep him out of trouble and away from the drugs and alcohol that seem to go along with the celebrity life.

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At 18 months he found his dad's old skateboard and shortly after took his first ride on it.

And watch as he looks for and faces new challenges in the skateboarding world.

Each episode is 22 minutes of the exciting twist and turns in the life of professional skater Ryan Sheckler in 'Life Of Ryan'.

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