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Sail dating

Daytime temps in early & late season (May, Oct) would be around mid 60s C; midsummer max temperatures would be around mid/high 80s.The humidity is very low, so it rarely feels TOO hot, even in Aug (though it is a good plan to stay out of cities and be out on the water then!They will however, teach you to sail if you wish; take you Greek dancing where the locals go, introduce you to the delights of Turkish baths - and sail you to some of the most beautiful and unspoiled spots still remaining in these waters....The Greece-AND-Turkey trips sail to our favorite islands in the Dodecanese; from tiny fishing villages where the traditional Greek spontaneity and lively spirit lives on - to the bright lights and party nights of the more developed islands, where one can eat, drink and be merry in modern-day Greece! From the busy, cosmopolitan port of Bodrum, it's fascinating and fun bazaars, St John's Castle and hopping night life - to the total contrast of the ancient port of Knidos, dating back to 500BC....Though they have provisional itineraries, they are always changeable according to the preferences of the group - and of course, the whims of the wind gods !The singles trips are as flexible and laid-back as possible; as fun and hedonistic as the islands themselves.What's more, the crews have been sailing these waters for 12yrs now - and are pretty much part of the family in these little islands.

Thailand to All the ingredients one could ever ask from a tropical sailing vacation...

We still escape to some of our quieter, little-known spots too, of course; but it's the time to visit if you like an active, get-out-there vacation and lots of fun nightlife too.

It's also the windiest time of year, lots of exciting sailing for those who like a little adrenalin in their diet !

The "Adventure" tag applies not only to the fun, freedom and excitement of being out on the ocean on your own yacht, but also to the get-involved approach, where everyone is part of a real "crew" - not just passengers to be ferried about according to some strict itinerary, or the whim of the captain.

There's no obligation to pull on ropes if you don't want to - but if you'd like to learn more about sailing, they would love to teach you. - come take the helm and tweak the sails as much as you like !

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We provide provisions for breakfasts, lunches, drinks (yes, that includes open bar - local liquors, beer & wine).

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  1. Some have started making meals from scratch and are introducing daily family meals back into their homes, in an effort to re-cultivate a tradition of cooking and hospitality that’s largely been lost in modern America.