Sandy lewkowsky dating black men dating white boys

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Sandy lewkowsky dating black men

The posts that you will read here are real journal entries from women raising black children all over the world.Trula Cleveland, OH3 Children - 2 boys (9)(12),1 girl(18)Recently in one of my daughter's classes her teacher said she wanted to find a black man to have black babies with because 'they are so cute'.Then after school i-bop went to talk it over with the assistant principal, who then talks to the teacher about it.Then this woman went to the drama practice (i-bop is rehearsing, she's in the spring play) all crying and AGAIN putting i-bop on the spot, talking crap about how it's an 'aesthetic' thing like preferring the color pink and she just loves black people blah blah blah. I am writing a letter to her & the assitant principal but I am super-pissed right now.Being Mama Daily is our open forum, talk time, testimony.

You also singled her out to ask her opinion on the matter, I presume because as the sole black person in the class you wanted her to validate your opinion.

It is also embedded in the seemingly innocent ways that we think, talk, and respond to a race not our own.

On the surface your comments may seem like a benevolent statement but when looked at through the lenses of American history and a person of the race being discussed, they are very rooted in racist ideas. And I am struggling to understand why you came at my daughter like that.

I am also writing a letter to the superintendent of ------ City Schools, including this letter and a suggestion of sensitivity training in regards to racial issues for ------ City teachers.

It is not my desire or intention to get you into any trouble, rather I want a written record that this occurred and my suggestion of sensitivity training noted, if nothing else.

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