Sap2016 error updating analysis cases

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file that resides in the Oracle home of the target.

Sometimes, the inventory collection might not have completed or might have failed, resulting in missing data in the Management Repository.

After Grid Infrastructure bits are laid down, the next essential step is Grid Infrastructure root script execution.

This is the most process intensive phase of your deployment procedure.

Due to these reasons, you might not be able to add those targets.

You can add a patch to a target in a patch plan only if the patch has the same release and platform as the target to which it is being added.

Retrying a job execution creates a new job execution with the status While analyzing the patch plan, the patch plan fails with an unexpected error, although the credentials are correct and although you have write permission on the EM stage location.

2011-11-28 ,127 Remote Job Worker 20236 ERROR start Download.772- Opatch Update Latest:

Null Pointer Exception: Category, 'Oracle Software Updates', has no child named, 'OPatch' at oracle.Internal

Identify whether the issue is with the Management Repository or with the Create Plan Wizard.

To do so, try retrieving some details from the Management Repository using the commands and URLs mentioned in this section.

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If the step fails, and the exit code is not positive, it raises an incident which is stored in the OMS.

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