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If they never post pictures of themselves in social situations or with friends, it can also be a bit fishy.Real people tend to be tagged in group photos or pictured at social occasions, with comments from friends.That’s not to say that you need to have blazed a trail across the internet to be a real person.

Common sense isn’t always to the fore when it comes to matters of the heart but here are some clues that your online date is an online fraud.

The term “catfish” captured the public imagination as a result of the documentary film and the MTV reality TV series that followed.

Catfishers lure innocent people into an online relationship by posing as someone they’re not.

If all of their pictures are modelling shots with no engagement from friends, there could be a problem.

If something about an online date’s behaviour raises questions, a simple Google search could save you a lot of future pain and distress.

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