Scotty and lauren are they dating

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Scotty have also said “I love you baby” to Lauren and of course the two kissed on stage.

They never seem to want to let go of each other after a hug, and Scotty also said, referring to Lauren that they will always be together forever.

The question everyone wants to know today: Are they dating? She’s just being funny.” “She’s such a sweetheart,” he added. I can’t say enough nice things about her,” Mc Creery said.

The questions started when Alaina kissed Mc Creery on the lips after he was crowned the new after party. “He might be my boyfriend, he might not be my boyfriend,” Alaina said with a coy grin. tour, so maybe they’ll find the time to get in some smooches in between stops. “I think we sound great together so I think it would be a wise choice.” Marc Anthony sings, J.

“I’m sure those rumors are spreading, but we’re just really good friends,” Mc Creery said later. There is one thing they will do together, though: Make music.

While I would like to say, yes Scotty Mc Creery and Lauren Alaina are dating I have to say that there is no real evidence to prove it so the answer must be no at least if we have to base the answer on what the public knows.

Once again Scotty has said to more than one person throughout the season that he loved them and at that time nobody thought it was weird or that he was in love with all of them.

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Country music songbird Lauren Alaina and her longtime love Alex Hopkins shared their happy news via social media.

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