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At 16, he says he met and began dating an older man who introduced him to what he referred to as an unhealthy social scene."My boyfriend introduced me to a lifestyle that wasn’t very fitting of a 16-year-old. Corrigian claims that shortly before his 17th birthday, his older boyfriend (same one mentioned above) contacted a Cobra Video producer and showed a nude, sleeping Corrigan to Cobra Video by webcam.

Brent then states that he agreed to get a fake ID in-order to do video work for Cobra.

Authorities claim that the two men murdered Kocis as part of a plan to get Corrigan to work for their adult film company.

Pennsylvania State Police and a Multiagency Task force investigating the Kocis murder believe Lockhart (Brent Corrigan) never knew these two men would really kill Kocis to get him to work for them.

Kocis and Lockhart were reported to have reached a settlement on their legal dispute, with documentation to have been mailed on January 25, 2007.

A final hearing in the matter was scheduled for February 21, 2007.

Bryan Kocis, owner of Cobra Video, was found dead in his Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, home on January 24, 2007; police said his throat was slashed, he was stabbed 28 times and that his home was set on fire to hide the murder.

In September 2005, Corrigan claimed to have falsified identity documents in order to make his first films, being underage when they were filmed.

This statement was quite controversial, causing many of his films being removed from the market distribution channels because it would constitute a child pornography offense in many jurisdictions in the United States and other countries.

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(News reports have shown the ease at which fake driver's licenses can be acquired in California.)He stated in an interview that, at 16, he believed he "knew everything." He also believed his boyfriend's statements that fake IDs were used "all the time" by underage performers and that he wasn't doing anything wrong.

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