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DOI: Abstract: Combining with the utilization of waste, an new idea of using the waste to prepare high-strength artificial aggregates was put forward in this paper.

de Sensale, Self-compacting concrete of medium characteristic strength, Construction and Building Materials 30, (2012), 776-782.

The demolished concrete could be recovered and used as cement raw meal to produce new cement clinker.

The concrete was also prepared by using these aggregates.

Consolidation is the process of inducing a closer arrangement of the solid particles in freshly mixed concrete by reduction of voids.

During placement some consolidation is caused by gravity, but in order to ensure that concrete is properly consolidated additional methods are also employed.

However, research and usage have shown that the usage of SCC technology reduces the total cost of labor, energy, required equipment and casting process.

In order to be classified as an SCC the concrete must have the following key fresh properties: filling ability, passing ability, and resistance to segregation.

Filling ability is ability of the concrete to flow into and fill completely all spaces within the formwork under its own weight.

DOI: I. The concrete aggregates composed of steel slag, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and fly ash were prepared.

Irassar, Influence of initial curing on the properties of concrete containing limestone blended cement, Cement Concrete Research 30, (2000), 703-711. In this study, the feasibility of making cement clinker with this kind of demolished concrete was studied.

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The use of mineral admixtures provides savings and environmental benefits due to the consumption of by-products. Mechanical properties, durability, and life-cycle assessment of self-consolidating concrete mixtures made with blended portland cements containing fly ash and limestone powder, Cement & Concrete Composites 56 (2015). But the strength at the age of 28 days was not affected a lot by adding these nano-materials.

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