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We pay the bills and go to work and take the kids to volleyball,” Kathy said.Paige said that some of her peers have had a hard time understanding her family’s background.Paige has grown up in an all-female household with her parents Kathy Burkart and Cindy Lima, and her older sister Lindsey.

“We saw it on the news the night before and we woke up in the morning – it was Valentine’s Day – and we said, ‘Well, we have to do this! “There was a line wrapped around the block, and it was this really exciting moment.” However, their marriage license was revoked months later.“The plan originally was for my mom to have my sister Lindsey, and then my other mom to have me,” Paige said.“But Kathy couldn’t get pregnant, so Cindy just ended up having both me and my sister with the same sperm donor.” They also have half–siblings who live with other same-sex families, who they found using a website called which allows families to find other children born from the same sperm donor.However, Kathy also said she would not label her family as “different” compared to straight parent families.“The bottom line is our family is just like everybody else – we take out the garbage on Sunday nights or we forget and we have to pack it in twice for the next week.

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“They voted to change the Constitution to discriminate against us and our family, and we’re about as average and boring as I can think of.” But Paige, who began to notice that other kids had a mom and a dad after moving from San Francisco to Marin in third grade, said that many people are intrigued by the fact that she has two moms.

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