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The average temperature and rainfall figures taken between 19 at the Met Office weather station in Colwyn Bay, around 10 miles east of Penmon (and also by the sea) are set out in the table below.

When compared to the corresponding figures for Wales as a whole, the area can be seen to be both warmer and drier than the average location in Wales throughout the whole year.

The buildings were transferred to the ownership of the Bulkeleys of Beaumaris, a prominent local family, and are still in use today.

The Bulkeleys also used most of the land for a deer park, and built the dovecot near the church.

Penmon is close to the sea, thus making it prone to erosion.

Quite a lot of the cliff has been eroded away, thus causing an arch to form under the cliff.

There is a tower of a 12th-century church on Puffin Island still.

This is the reason the arch is only a few metres high and does not extend further, where there are less shale beds.Penmon is a promontory, village and ecclesiastical parish on the south-east tip of the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, about 3 miles (4.8 km) east of the town of Beaumaris. The name comes from Welsh: pen (which can mean "head", "end" or "promontory") and Môn, which is the Welsh word for Anglesey.It is the site of a historic monastery and associated 12th-century church.Compared to Anglesey as a whole, Llangoed ward had a lower proportion of residents aged 0–4 years (4.78% compared to 5.4%) and a higher proportion of residents aged 65 or over (25.02% compared to 18.86%).The general health of the population of Llangoed ward was poorer than that of Anglesey generally: 12.47% said that their health was "not good" (Anglesey: 10.53%) and 25.73% reported a "limiting long-term illness" (Anglesey:22.38%).

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