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None of these titles sit comfortably with that of a predatory sex offender.The Community Payback Order applies to offences committed on or after this date and replaced Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders.

It emerged that one victim met Kingsley when he was musical director of a production of The Wizard of Oz.

Within this new legislation there is a presumption against prison sentences of three months or less.

The Community Payback Order consists of a number of requirements - 9 in total: From these, the Court may select one or more in deciding on the make up of the Order.

Kingsley begged teenagers for sex online and confessed to a fetish for bondage, saying he had handcuffs, rope and a blindfold.

The paedophile, described as “devious”, was yesterday jailed for at least five years – with the possibility he may never be freed.

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The judge said: “Many of your victims looked up to you and admired you, but you took advantage of their emotional and sexual immaturity for your own selfish purposes.“Their families also suffered great pain, distress and trauma.“In my opinion, if you are at liberty there is a likelihood that you will seriously endanger the wellbeing of members of the public at large.”Kingsley, described by former colleagues as “helpful and funny”, won the trust of his young pupils by getting involved in youth drama groups and offering private singing ­lessons.

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