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Douglas County is an affluent area south of Denver with about 350,000 people. For many people, the notion of having young people tackle gunmen in the middle of a rampage is a chilling thought.

It sits next to Jefferson County, home to Columbine High School, and students there are already primed to watch for gunmen. Castillo’s attempt to subdue the shooting suspect seemed to parallel the actions of Riley Howell, who took down the gunman at U. But Greg Crane, the founder of an active-shooter training program that encourages people to “counter” shooters, said in situations where people cannot escape, disrupting the gunman might be the best approach to end a deadly tragedy.“Frankly, this is the way these events get stopped the quickest,” said Mr.

We’re all hurting in our own ways.”The suspects carried at least two handguns, and at least one of them had been restrained by a school security officer by the time law enforcement arrived, Sheriff Tony Spurlock of Douglas County said.

(AP Photo/WE TV) They aren’t looking for sex and they’re not in need of baby daddies.On Wednesday, parents and students across this stunned suburb south of Denver described Mr. They hugged one another and broke down sobbing in groups as they learned that Mr. Castillo had dreams of becoming an engineer like his father, and he was interested in how to fix things, frequently tinkering with his Jeep.Castillo’s actions as the latest act of self-sacrifice by students who now find themselves on the front lines of fighting off gunmen in America’s schools. Castillo’s split-second decision to lunge for the gunman gave the other students a precious few seconds of cover to dive under their desks or rush the gunman. Giasolli said a cluster of boys then tackled the gunman, allowing her and others to flee the classroom.“I don’t have enough words,” Ms. “They didn’t have to risk their lives to save the 15 of us who were left.”Schools across Colorado’s Front Range have been on edge over security concerns in recent weeks, and hundreds closed temporarily last month after the authorities reported a threat in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of the attack at Columbine High School. Aiden Beatty, 18, a former student at STEM School, described Mr.The shooting at the Highlands Ranch charter school is the latest at an educational institution, a phenomenon that has rattled communities nationwide as young people continue to face mortal danger in places long considered safe havens.STEM School Highlands Ranch, which has about 1,800 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, will be closed for the rest of the week. Both young men died and, according to the authorities, probably saved lives.

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He wears a brown jacket and keeps his head bowed low as he sings: “I’m careless when I wear my rebel clothes.”The You Tube account was taken down sometime after p.m. Sheriff Spurlock said neither suspect had been on law enforcement’s radar before the shooting and that the motive was unknown.

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