Sex dating in tunisia

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It sounds like your husband told you what you wanted to hear when you got married (that he was open to having children with you, in England).

Now that you are married, his tune has changed, he is being controlling, and wanting to move to Tunisia first.

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any comments to help me with my situation will be very much appreciated, thanks for reading, i no i repeat myself a few times but i dont no how else to word it, xxxi am married to a tunisian man, we have been married for 3 years, we have had our ups and downs about everything like most couples do but the only problem i have is gettin him to want babies, he wants them but not yet, he is 32 and i am 24, and i am a nursery nurse and ive wanted my own family for quite a while now, but he wants me to move to tunisia with him and have babies there, which i honestly dont mind doing but why not get me pregnant here (uk) then go?

any comments to help me with my situation will be very much appreciated, thanks for reading, i no i repeat myself a few times but i dont no how else to word it, xxx Sorry honey, but it's a complete mistake to push someone into having kids before they are ready to do so.

Personally, I would never leave my home country in the free world to have a child.They are warm, easily approachable, and do enjoy the company of other men.They tend to appear shy however they have no problems expressing themselves.ive heard stories wer muslim men can sell women and use them etc so id rather get pregnant before we move.but i do understand your point, thanks xxi understand that completely, and we have already said that, even if i give birth the children will be joint tunisian and english, with a british passport, he has agreed to this, also i have spoken to the british embassey in tunisia and they said i can take my children even if it comes to the worst and we get divorced, but hopefully that wont happen, so i have no problems at all having them over there its the guarantee of actually gettin pregnant?

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I hope you stick to your guns on that.thanks for the comments, yes im young but i no wot i want, and so does he, before we got married he said we will av children here then move to tunisia but his mind changes more than he changes his socks :-) so i thought we would have babies by now and living in tunisia but im just sick of him making excuses, he really does want children and i definately do, theres no being selfish about it, we both want the same thing but now we want them in different countries, which wasnt part of the plan, i just dont no why he keeps changing his mind?!

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