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In return, Chemetron hired the Wackenhut security company to provide guards who could keep the gates open for the strikebreakers. The guards harassed the strikers and threw spikes under their tires. After hours, the strikebreakers and guards let loose at the Blue Mill Inn, a motel on the edge of town where rooms were reserved for the approximately 80-man Wackenhut force.

A bar next door, the Tap Room, was full of local women waiting for the men, almost all out-of-towners, to blow their paychecks when their 12-hour shifts ended. As they did their research, Sarah and her classmate Amy Schlusler learned that Janet was a devout Christian; in an interview, her mother had held Janet's heavily underlined Bible and described her as "in the Word." In her younger years, Janet had gone on evangelical missions and lent her voice to the church choir.

"[There were] things I should have done."Though separated from the dead girl by almost three decades, Sarah felt a connection to Janet.

A Hope music professor portrayed her as a talented student who struggled academically and seemed to have few friends.On a visit to Janet at her job, he had noticed the rough-looking types loitering in the lobby; they gave him an eerie feeling."I wish that I had questioned it more," he said, starting to well up.He'd come across Janet's story in the spring of 2003 while interviewing a detective who was retiring from the Holland police force.Schock asked if there was one case that still haunted the cop.

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But the Chandlers, seated side by side on their floral-print couch, were surprisingly eager to talk.