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Sexoholic dating com

Adi decided to go to an outpatient rehab program for sex addiction.

He would have done inpatient, but to be honest, we just couldn't afford it since he was a Ph. student and I was just starting my wellness business, Philosophie.

It was a very wholesome, kind, loving environment that clicked for both of us.

There were all these couples with amazing relationships, and I realized I wasn't alone and that we could hopefully get through it.

Adi had an account on Ashley Madison, a website for married people who want to cheat on their spouses.

Years later, their relationship almost fell apart when she discovered a web of lies that concealed the truth: Adi was a sex addict, and he needed help.

' Even though it's cheesy, I would do everything in my power to get you back and prove to you I'm the one for you. Tell me if I should go away forever or if I have a chance." Receiving this unexpected letter confirmed my suspicion that even though I was enjoying my freedom and adventures, I really missed Adi.

We talked and came to the understanding that if we got back together, we'd go to therapy; after all, we didn't want to get back together after a year of being apart, then have him cheat again.

Mending Our Relationship That first year of our marriage was the most transformational for us.

I was pregnant, we weren't having sex, and he was doing so much work on himself. When I first found out about all the sexting back when we were engaged, I looked at it as Adi having a problem he needed to fix on his own. Once you get married, you take on the other person's problems—all of them.

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I made sure to get in his study group, he would always walk me to my next class, and we were constantly texting.