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Posted by / 21-May-2020 07:23

He might find receipts and question you on where you’ve been and what you bought, or who you’ve spoken to. he might go out, and tell you he’ll call, keeping you waiting by the phone while he sees his friends.

Do the two of you ever go out for a fun night only to get verbally attacked in front of strangers?

Does this guy have a comment or critique of everyone and everything?

Does he have a problem with babies, teens, seniors or basically anyone who’s breathing?

Watch his interaction with others like strangers, co-workers and even animals. We all like to think we’re right about things but most of us can willingly admit when we’ve made a mistake. Being charming is indeed something to be proud of, but when someone is too charming, it raises some red flags.And if he pressures you for sex, definitely drop him!True gentlemen do not need to brag about sex or they would never pressure you for sex!The Loser can’t bear to be alone unless he’s finished with you, so he’ll break down, plead and promise to change. He might threaten suicide, or to go back to an ex, or public humiliation. He'll hope you’ll give in, give up the activity, and be completely under his control...He’ll read your mail, check your phone, and search through your rubbish.

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Does he know how to charm the pants off of people to manipulate them or the situation? While it’s possible that he’s genuinely charming, when a person comes off as too charming and suave, it could be cause to run!

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