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Sikh parents and dating

A true partnership in marriage is made between those who are united in spirit as well as in mind and body.

Marriage is regarded as a strong bond between the bride and groom and the relatives of both families - it is accepted as a joining of the two families into one as well.

The only matters that need to be taken into account is the well being of the mother and child.

The Sikh family preserves human values, cultural identity and historical continuity.According to the concept of Lavan (name of the marriage hymns in Sikhism), divorce is not allowed under normal circumstances in Sikhism.It is expected of the couple to help and support each other in the family to attain a comprehensive understanding of the Almighty Waheguru through their union, responsible attitude and mutual support.He himself lead a family life, was married and went onto have children and an extended family who performed very well the tasks expected of them in society.All his successors upheld the same ideal of normal family life, expressing it in their own lives as well as in their teachings.

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The Gurus believed that the family unit through procreation ensures the continuation and existence of healthy societies; without the 'family unit' there is risk to the future of secure societies.

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