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According to Luna’s white paper, if Tinder were an economy, with the proportion of right swipes (indicating you like someone) instead of money, it would have a higher Gini coefficient, the economists’ favoured measure of inequality, than 95 per cent of countries in the world.

It’s within this quite conservative yet forever romantic vision of love that I moved to the US in 2017 at the age of 23, leaving behind my Camembert diet and safe place to pursue my own version of the American dream.New dating apps are trying different tactics to create more lasting connections.Facebook will ask people to choose events they want to go to before selecting dates from among a group of other participants.Meeting people in France generally goes by the old-school method: dating friends of your friends, my dear!Most of the guys I’ve dated have already been part of my circle somehow — former classmates, roommates of a coworker, soccer teammates of a cousin, etc.

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Once settled in my single room in Silicon Valley, I decided that I was ready to meet some American men.