Siviete dating

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Siviete dating

They never did anything just text and flirt in class. See I know him very well & I know he is a great guy he is very respectful,sweet,hardworking, he is the type of guy that people go to for advice and a lot of people trust him. Okay so when he broke up with me he said he wasn't sure why he called it off. We have so much in common ( we will pass football together, run, watch similar movies,listen to the same music)...after we broke up we still had sex..i was always there for him.

And after a while he confessed that he was scared to talk to me at times because he felt i was going to get mad, and he felt that he was trying so hard to make me happy that it felt like a full time job and he never made me happy.... I felt guilty I felt it was my fault that we broke up. He actually tried to stop having sex because he didn't want to hurt me but temptation was to hard to resist.

In seguito completò il suo corso e si laureò in teatro e recitazione alla East Carolina University.

Passò parecchio tempo a Salisburgo e a Norimberga con la zia e la nonna materne, periodo durante il quale imparò perfettamente il tedesco.

" ( it was about football tryouts) he then asked for a favor if I can let him borrow my laptop for school and if I can go to his house and be there for a while just in case he needs help, so i went but it was weird. and he said we are not dating and it isn't because of her that I'm happy.

I'm happy because I'm finding myself.night i told him i couldn't keep doing this that it hurts me to stay in contact with him while i know ur speaking to another girl and i sent him long messages describing my love to him ..says it isn't fair for me and what i just said touches him deep in the heart and he cares about me and will always be my friend, God Bless and he will keep me in his prayers....

i ended the conversation...i couldn't help but to think that he is in the process of falling for her.. i feel like he is replacing me and i feel he cares more for her than with me. I am confused sometimes i think he might love me and not know it because i never gave him the chance to miss me...And I understand that maybe at times i did over react and I accepted my flaws and wanted to fix things. I stayed friends with him cause i wanted to prove to him that I am a good person and i wanted to show him how strong my love for him is. He tried many times to stop because he knew it would only hurt me.I just don't understand why he never told me any of that while we were together. I changed, I am more understanding, caring, compassionate. Okay so he says he doesn't love me anymore but he cares for me a lot that i changed him into a better person and he is the person he is right now because of me.he is there to protect her to encourage her because she is ill... WHAT SHOULD I DO, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS, I am Never happy By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.Studiò balletto e canto da bambina, prendendo parte alle produzioni nel teatro dell'Opera della madre.

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a few hours later i decided to text him and I asked him what is wrong he said you really want to know..

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