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In Slovenia, the women are still thought to be more traditional.They have free reign to education and have the same rights as men, however they are still expected to take care of domestic duties and child rearing.

I'd say the same as anywhere else in western society.

Although their appearances may vary significantly depending on the part of the country where they were born and currently reside, they all are gorgeous and breath-taking.

Foreign men find them particularly appealing because of: Slovenian women care deeply about their figures and are very keen on exercising, so you are very unlikely to meet any lady under the age of 50 who would not be supermodel-like slim and fit.

You know, straight forward, no beating around the bush. So when I was a student I got drunk (normal stage) with my friend and we decided to go "get some chicks".

No one likes lame fuck boys (or girls) with no straight forward intentions. We filled our pockets with corn (not pop-corn) and went to a "big" student party.

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Not quite dating but yesterday I was talking with an American living Slovenia about how in the USA it's completely normal to approach a stranger in a bar.

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