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What kind of relationship did Solomon and Shulamith have before they knew God meant them to be together and they gave their hearts to each other?According to I Timothy 5:1-2, it was a brother-sister relationship. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF HUSBANDS & WIVES (3:1-5) 4. (3:6-11) (HOW FAR, SEXUALLY, CAN PEOPLE GO BEFORE MARRIAGE? SEX IN MARRIAGE: WHAT’S OK AND WHAT ISN’T (-2:7) 8. ROMANCE, REJECTION, REALITY & RETRIBUTION IN MARRIAGE (5:2-8) 10. He gets closer, finally arriving and asking her to go for a walk for he has missed her and wants to spend time with her. EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN & WOMEN (1:9-14) 7. Shulamith is waiting and watching, and is very excited as he approaches.we are to focus on the other person and what is best for them, laying aside ourselves to serve in love.

Keeping your heart for the one God has for you is as important as keeping your body!

Since whom you will marry is the most important decision you will ever make (next to salvation), make sure you let God make it for you. While the surface problems vary, the root problem is always the same.

Don’t fall into the Devil’s trap of doing things the world’s way! There is self-centeredness on one or both partner’s part, usually with an unwillingness to admit it and change. Its as old as Solomon and Shulamith (and I’m sure older than that).

I think that’s why Solomon was attracted to Shulamith instead of the fancy, sophisticated, charming ladies in the court in Jerusalem.

Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization © 1997 1. That is one of the main purposes of the period before marriage called courtship or engagement, spending quality and quantity time getting to know each other, developing a good close relationship and friendship.

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After Solomon came north to visit Shulamith Galilee in spring, they went for a walk to talk.

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