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“It’s a way to enhance greater connections in Wisconsin and our region.There are benefits to entrepreneurs and major companies alike.”At the inaugural Tech Summit in 2014, about 55 emerging companies engaged in nearly 200 speed-dating meetings.Often people make good connections with others from very different and unexpected fields.On one occasion in a speed dating session a conservatory manufacturer met a flower grower.That’s an average of about four meetings each for the emerging companies.For young companies, it’s not all about raising angel and venture capital. Large and small companies often travel in different “orbits,” even if they’re in the same business sectors, and they rarely collide except by chance.Sponsorship Opportunities - Our highly desirable demographic of single professionals (mainly ages 24-49), large database, national footprint and highly trafficked Web site provides a great opportunity to promote your product or service in a variety of ways.Probably our most popular opportunity is product sampling.

One of the best routes for innovation is collaboration.

Let me tell you about a method that I often use on innovation workshops where we have a large number of delegates from different companies and different market sectors.

We arrange a speed dating session for business collaboration.

A key differentiator is our target market, as we focus on busy single professionals.

If you are interested in pursuing a possible business relationship for any of the following purposes, please contact us at 813-474-4328 or CLICK HERE to become an Event Coordinator.

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The speed-dating meetings will run 15 minutes each.