Speed dating form

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Speed dating form

The term “Speed Dating” was coined for a round robin session designed to help singles find a mate, first described in Beverly Hills in 1998 (Wikipedia, 2018).

This format was designed to allow one to meet many people one-on-one in a short period of time in a low-pressure environment.

The three core years include a minimum of one week of dedicated research time per year with protection from clinical responsibilities.

The expectations of the research component of the residency program are that each resident will select a project and a preceptor, aid in the design or refinement of the project, apply for a non-competitive research grant (maximum $CDN2500) from the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI), complete the project, present the project at the local annual WCHRI Research Day and write a manuscript.

Objectives: For residency programs with a mandatory research component, it is challenging to match residents with optimal preceptors and projects early in residency to expedite project completion.

In the event of a successful ‘match’ we invite the participants to submit an ‘expression of interest’ form at the end of the event.Residents typically have limited knowledge of the research interests or personalities of potential preceptors.Matching of residents with preceptors for research projects typically takes place informally, aided by distribution of a list of preceptors and projects and/or a “Meet and Greet” session.Residents then choose to do a fourth general pediatric year or transfer into a subspecialty program.Most incoming residents have little or no research experience or training.

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