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He was previously a serial entrepreneur, having started and managed five venture-backed companies, resulting in two IPOs and two corporate sales.

In a series of transactions, including multiple IPOs, acquisitions and management buyouts, Will created almost B in value for his investors.

We match startups with multiple investors for very fast individual pitches. The second half is open to the public and occurs after all the pitches have been completed.

We host a networking event for everyone that is wrapped up by a fireside chat with Will Herman.

In addition to the legislature and governor it elects an executive council, a five-member body first convened in 1680 to check the royal governor’s power.

Over one weekend in mid-March Mr Drake attended two town caucuses, where local party committees chose leaders, as well as town hall meetings with two presidential candidates: Amy Klobuchar, who spoke in a gym at a local school, and John Hickenlooper, who made a deeply on-brand appearance at a deconsecrated church that is now a bar (Mr Hickenlooper once owned a brew pub).

A caucus made Mr Drake miss a third; Tulsi Gabbard drew a crowd to a public library in Plaistow. “If they don’t come here,” says Mr Drake, “it’s political malpractice.” New Hampshire is small, but an early victory lets a candidate build momentum and then a war-chest.

The council today approves and monitors agency budgets, and can veto the governor’s pardons and appointments.

It is, in short, a state that takes participatory democracy seriously. He is a compact, genial retired labour economist who spent 32 years studying employment patterns at the Bureau of Labour Statistics in Washington, , before retiring to southern New Hampshire.

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State legislators’ pay was set at $100 a year in 1889, and there it has remained. It has no income or general sales tax, preferring to gouge outsiders with hefty hotel, restaurant and hire-car taxes, and tolls where highways cross the state border.