Speed dating portugal

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Speed dating portugal

A traditional country (in many respects) with a high proportion of the population practicing Catholicism, monogamy and the institute of marriage is held sacred by many.However, modern Portugal is becoming more open-minded and the under 30s in particular are experimenting more and being more promiscuous than the previous generation.Because of the lack of regulation, the numbers of prostitutes working in Portugal is difficult to calculate but the most recent estimates place this figure at around 30,000 of which only half are Portuguese.Each year the internet giant of online porn, Porn Hub, produces insights on the porn viewing trends of its global audience and the most recent data for Portugal reveals some interesting statistics.In 1963, the government adopted an abolitionist approach, closing both brothels and running houses.The change in legislation had little impact on the numbers of prostitutes working in Portugal and the law was partially repealed in 1983 to decriminalise the act of selling sexual services but maintaining a ban on profiting from this trade by others.

In recent history, up to the early 1960s, prostitution was regulated and legalised.

Traffic to the site ranks Portugal as the 41 most active country on Porn Hub.

Whilst most people around the world tend to view their porn on a Sunday, the Portuguese enjoy viewing on a Monday though the time they view is more typical being between 11pm and 1am.

In terms of online stamina, the Portuguese spend just ten seconds less time viewing their porn than the global average of 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

The most popular search terms across the site coming out of Portugal are typically nationalistic with ‘Portugal, ‘Tuga’ and ‘Portuguese’ topping the list.

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