Stages in dating

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Stages in dating

resolved your differences and gotten on the same page together, the thrill of being loved returns.

This time in a deeper, more mature form than in the Romance stage.

I call these two characters the Hailstorm and the Turtle.

Most of my work with couples involves helping these two types of people get on the same page, meet each other’s needs and be happy together.

And a strong unit is more likely to survive and ensure the continuation of the human species.

These are all designed to set your heart thumping and light a fire in your loins.

The biggest trap of the Romance stage is our dishonesty.

It’s not that we lie, but more that we aren’t completely truthful.

Your drug induced haze forces you to only notice where you’re similar, hiding your partner’s flaws.

It also makes you say and do whatever is necessary to get along and please the other.

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A useful way to understand the importance of the Romance Stage is to look at it through the lens of evolution…Nature needed a way to ensure that us humans would reproduce (and ensure the survival of our species).