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Stale dating checks

However, you should find out whether the check writer accidentally left out the date or if the writer left the date off for a reason.Maybe the writer wanted to wait until funds were in his or her account before giving you the go-ahead to cash the check.Legally, a bank can refuse to cash a check if there is reason to suspect fraud.If you write in the date yourself you may fall foul of your bank's fraud prevention procedures.The person finally mailed the item to us for collection.The account will receive a direct deposit in a couple of days, at which time the check will pay.A customer recognizes a check posting to their account that is stale dated (over a year old).The customer replaced the check at that time, but did not issue a stop order which would have expired now anyway without a renewal.

Banking laws in every state are based on the Uniform Commercial Code.The check was returned for "Payment Stopped in January, 2008".I know that the generally accepted time frame for stale dated checks is six months, but I'm wondering how/if that applies to checks sent for collection.Bank tellers are trained to look for signs of alterations.Inconsistencies in handwriting or ink color can cause a teller to flag a check as a fraudulent item.

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Should I pay the item or should I return it due to the stale date?

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