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You will learn how to move under the radar, which further decreases your chances of being rejected by the girl of your dreams – or the girl of that night’s dreams for that matter.

Approach anxiety holds back a lot of men, and as women are becoming more confident with rejecting men, this anxiety is actually increasing.

Their conversation was very simple and it always seemed to deeply arouse her.

So after trying dozens of techniques and approaching thousands of women, I stripped away all that was unnecessary from the conversation...

This solution may very well be the Stealth Attraction claims to be the first system that is fully rejection proof.

It is essentially a home study system where you will learn how to approach women, attract them, seduce them and, at the end of process, take them home.

This is done through subtle actions (stealth), stopping the woman from even being able to reject you.

You had a to be a quick thinker, witty, and spout canned routines to "impress" the girl.

By following the approach priming teachings, you will learn how to set yourself apart from the others.

Plus, Richard La Ruina teaches you about ‘familiarity opening’, which helps you to counteract rejection.

Rather, it is about action, which you can learn in just three hours of presentations that include practical examples. The program is fully online, so you can access it as soon as you send your payment. The word ‘stealth’ is used because you literally will be operating under the radar, essentially picking up girls without them even realizing you’re doing it.

You will receive the Stealth Attraction program itself, which is three hours in length. It is all about building escalation and taking the right steps at the right time.

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