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I have, however, been having an awesome time and met some great people.

It’s been a slow summer for almost every single person online dating that I know, and if it hasn’t, congratulations/I hate you/please don’t tell me about it and just let me live in ignorance believing this theory. ill-advised attempt to compare my silly little dating woes to the Civil Rights Movement, let me assure you that I really just love the Dreamgirls soundtrack. And I wanted us all to rock out to this amazing jam.

I'm not anti-figurine (I really want the Isabelle nendoroid from Animal Crossing) but if you're going to buy overpriced junk that's only going to end up in a landfill at least buy high quality junk.

Sometime you go through life, minding your own business, when your ex from way back appears like the ghost of Christmas past and haunts you.

But looking back now, all I can think is, what the hell was wrong with me??

A cute guy was attempting to plan shit, , for us to do. I should have capitalized on dating a planner while I could, loosened up and had some fun, because Lord knows I may be waiting a long ass time (read: forever) for that to come along again.

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