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Sturmey archer hub dating

If this subject interests you, I heartily recommend that you purchase the book yourself.EARLY STURMEY ARCHER GEARED HUBS 1900 RALEIGH SUPERBE GENTS CROSSFRAME: FREE-WHEEL HUB 1901 LEA FRANCIS No 3 FOR GENTLEMEN: STURMEY ARCHER TRICOASTER ‘C’ (1907/1908) or ‘N’ (1910-1921) I’m not sure which Tricoaster is fitted to the 1901 Lea Francis.This page is a photographic database of early hubs and gears up to the 1920s.It will invariably take me a while to complete, so please bear with me.

In 1902 Farrer sold his business and came to work for Villiers, who now had a workforce of 30. Towards the end of that year they acquired the rights of the Hub Two-Speed Gear Company.

Charles brought home patterns of new pedals from of Connecticut, and they ordered the equipment to make them.

When the machinery arrived it was found to be too big for the factory, so John bought Edward Bullivant’s engineering firm at 5 Villiers Street, moved the machinery in and Charles was put in charge of the firm.

I’ll have a closer look at the hub (and take better photos) next time I take the Lea Francis out of its shed.

By 1913 Sturmey-Archer’s three-speed hub production reached 100,000 per annum.

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In 1914 20,000 Raleigh bikes were factory-fitted with Sturmey-Archer gears – over one third of Bowden’s total production.

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