Symantec not updating

Posted by / 24-Aug-2020 19:32

Symantec not updating

Is it true that the Symantec Scan Engine needs the -x86 update?If the Symantec Scan Engine can use the i32 update, (I can look into 16-bit application issue later ) than what I need to do is fix why the Scan Engine is not updating it's definitions.I have a Windows 2003 server with Symantec Scan Engine and Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition Client.The Symantec Scan Engine is performing Content Filtering duty. gid=savce the i32 executable file for 32-bit client installations is used to update SAV Corp.

)Could someone tell me if I've been using the i32 executable definition for 32-bit client installations all along and then try to run the x86 executable definition for 32-bit client installations would that cause a problem?

:-) Today, I uninstalled the manager software and the client software from the server.

I then reinstalled, following the Symantec "Best Practice" for SBS 2003 Servers.

Running Live Update (the first option below) is usually the easiest and most effective, but other options are available.

Using one method of updating does not preclude the other.

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I've got several questions about the Symantec Scan Engine.