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Teen chat rooms singles kaitaia

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well that is, if you don't count the little side swipe we had with the bus. And then try to pose for a picture using the 'top of the car, timer and run' method without ruining all the artwork. Along this part of the drive up the west coast we were going to pass 2 glaciers. When originally planning our trip to New Zealand we had planned to spend some quality time in Te Anau and Queenstown (2 hours north of Te Anaua). We had been (somewhat successfully) running from the rain for the past week.

Luckily the bus was already so banged up that our little encounter apparently didn't matter. It was a 'cruise and coffee' ride and there was just us and one other couple on the boat. This is how we saw most of the West Coast (of the South Island). People had stopped and made statues out of the road debris. All the ones we read were dated in the last few days so we presume this had all been built recently. It went on in both directions as far as you could see. We had easily agreed that if it was cold and raining we were not stopping. (as the Kiwis would say) So glad the rain stopped and the sun peeked out. But, the forecast for this area was not looking good; two solid weeks of rain and bad storms.

Our next destination was Te Anau; base for our trip into Milford Sound. We decided to the do the drive into Milford Sound on our own (rather than tour bus) and catch the cruise at the Sound. It is the one and only way into Milford Sound, it is narrow, windy and has the infamous Homer Tunnel (spooky! But, Jeff agreed to put up with my screeches for the freedom of being on our own time schedule. It was also really pretty because the fog was still settled in the valleys. The tunnel is so narrow that traffic only goes one way at a time.

If we wanted to catch the only day in the forecast with sunshine at Milford Sound we needed to push on. You wait here until the tunnel is clear and the signal is green.

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The bus was running when we hit it but there was nobody inside. But it was just for one day followed by several days of sunshine. We toured around a couple of the bays at a great leisurely pace. As we turned this corner we spotted a much welcomed cafe/salmon farm with the most fabulous muffins. A glimpse of the view showed the true beauty of what we were missing. The fog was sitting so low that we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyhow. There are people walking in the valley in this picture. We didn't have quite as much luck when we approached the Franz Josef Glacier. So, the morning after our trip to Milford Sound we loaded the car and headed up the west coast of the south island.