Teen dating violence in california

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Teen dating violence in california

Laura’s House received the completed study in April. Study participants were taken from a random selection of 1,530 Orange County residents. Miller-Day said high school kids could not be surveyed due to ethical reasons, so researchers used an age range just after that period so the respondents’ memories would be as fresh as possible.Some requirements were that individuals had to have attended an O. Out of the random selection, 270 had attended a high school in the county. That pool of respondents was asked about acceptance of dating violence.

Jennifer Ponce, prevention education manager of Laura’s House, said the nonprofit hasn’t been involved with a wide-ranging study like this before, but the group wanted to make sure it had a grasp on the scope of teen dating violence in the county.

Miller-Day said she couldn’t speculate as to why teen dating violence is so pronounced in Orange County.

She pointed out that when the definition is expanded to include psychological aggression, a lot more people will be included.“However, you don’t want to lessen emotional and psychological impacts; those can leave scars that last longer than physical abuse,” Miller-Day said.

Teen dating violence tended to begin at 15½ years old, but could start as young as age 11.

In breaking down the percentages based on the types of reported abuse, 34.5% reported at least one form of physical aggression (one or more times); 33.5% reported at least one form of sexual aggression (one or more times); 72.3% reported at least one form of psychological or emotional aggression (one or more times); 45.1% reported at least one form of cyber abuse (one or more times) and 44.2% reported being stalked in person or with technology (one or more times).

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Researchers then narrowed the group down to 206 based on whether the subjects had dated in high school or not.