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It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from non-federal sites.Drugs, Alcohol, and Teen Dating Violence The teenage years are filled with emotion, hormones, and growth.Teens translate the skills they've learned in their relationships with friends into new relationships with romantic partners.

Although romantic relationships are a common part of adolescence, not all of these relationships are healthy.These aggressive tendencies prevent those children from developing positive, healthy relationships.Drug and alcohol abuse contribute to dating Violence. Victims of teen dating violence are much more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the abuse.Many begin romantic relationships for the first time. Things become even more challenging when alcohol and drugs are involved.Studies show that there is a link between drug and alcohol abuse and teen dating violence.

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Abusing drugs and alcohol won’t just affect a teenager’s relationships. Teens may begin to choose drugs and alcohol over school, friends, sports, and family.

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