The player supreme dating advice show

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The player supreme dating advice show

Lauren’s journey to discover her sexuality, she said, is tied closely to her work writing for the show.In May 2014, she finally accepted who she truly was, and although it was a difficult thing to admit, she seems pretty blissfully happy now in Samira’s arms.

To celebrate being out and being in love, we thought we’d share with you a list of the top 16 famous lesbian couples whose romantic stories tug at the heartstrings.Jodie may value her privacy, but she can’t hide the adoring way she looks at Alex, which is why these two lovebirds made #2 on our list.Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were a cute lesbian couple before it was cool.“It was just fate, to be honest with you,” she said of that moment.Today, they’re happily married and raising twins, Lucas Claude and Olivia Lou.

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Stephanie said her “aha” moment came when Tig was feeling down and Stephanie automatically reached for her shoulders to comfort her.

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