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The widows guide to sex and dating

I want to hear less about James Joyce and more about the effects of Xanax in this world she inhabits.Anyway, the more literary references feel Googled instead of organic.The highbrow references feel like the literary version of the fashionable thick-rimmed glasses that she keeps putting on and taking off on the show.In The Widow’s Guide, she’s more at ease discussing People Magazine than Hannah Arendt and I wish she’d just give us more of the fun stuff, her forte.However, in an attempt to prove her smarts, Radziwill peppers the book with “intellectual” references.

Although, in her defense, the editors of these shows are probably instructed to make all the women appear as vapid as possible.

Like: “A husband dies and the world gets just another widow.

A wife dies, and a star is born.” The book is undoubtedly entertaining.

Unfortunately you never get a good sense of who Claire really is – she just sort of coasts along in the months following her husband’s death without any sense of agency.

From the one episode of The Real Housewives of New York that I saw, Radziwill does the same.

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We follow Claire’s sexual and romantic exploits as she tries to make her own rules and navigate the largely uncharted waters of young, beautiful widowhood.