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Theglobaldating com

We will be recruiting for summer internships as well as full-time positions from the following majors and degrees: Bachelors, Masters, or Ph D in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Material Science.And don't forget to look for our stand at the Expo!

Operates lab equipment to fabricate project deliverables; performs general maintenance and minor repairs on laboratory equipment and facilities; helps clean and maintain laboratory and equipment; performs other lab duties as needed.

To kick-off Fall campus recruiting, Accenture is excited to host two new webinars that will provide timely and useful information to help SWE members make the most of their recruiting and interview experiences.

Accenture Fall Recruiting Preview - Registration Wednesday, September 5, -pm CST Agenda: Accenture overview, recruiting timeline, campus events, conference and partner calendar, interview process Early Case Preparation for Fall Interviews - Registration Friday, September 7, Noon-pm CST Agenda: Case frameworks, structuring your solution, time management, mistakes to avoid Check out Accenture's events on campus to connect directly with their people.

The global dating app Prospr is designed to prioritize meaningful relationships and as a result has some of the industry’s strictest application processes in place to ensure this!

Since Valentine’s Day, a team at Prospr will review new applicants before they are allowed access to the community.

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Duties include, but are not limited to, managing CDME’s digital material archives (images, videos, GIFs, pdfs, etc.), taking and editing photos and videos, day-to-day content development Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, and Flickr, and creating weekly news articles for the centers feed.