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And that’s fair enough because that you and her a chance to work out what might be possible.Fortunately the Tao of Badass also gives you the right lines to use if you don’t want to continue with the relationship.(Ever wanted an insight into what women want from a man?It’s all here.)I reckon if you use these techniques and strategies set out here you’ll probably come up against the same rate of rejection I did when I was learning to meet and date women. About 60% of the women I approached would want to see me for at least one or two dates.Let’s face it guys, we’re not all successful in the dating game.The author of this program Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer, says that he wasn’t a successful man in the dating field until he took the time and trouble to study the techniques which would really help him meet and greet and attract women.I can’t help but wonder, are you one of those timid looking guys who always seem to get everything wrong whenever they are around a lady?

It’s about learning to use the natural interaction between men and women in the best way, so that you activate a woman’s interest, “hook” her mind and emotions, so she can’t resist you, in the way that’s been done by confident men for generations.

“, can give you all the tools, tricks, techniques and information you need to really be confident in approaching women, asking them out, and succeeding in seducing them (or, if you prefer “charming” them).

OK, let’s get one thing clear before we start – being a Badass with women doesn’t mean treating them badly: all “Badass” means is a man who is at the top of his game – in other words, a confident successful man who can ask women out, usually get accepted, isn’t fazed by rejection, and knows that he is an attractive guy who girls find attractive and interesting.

This training manual will show you the simple mistakes that you need to correct so that you will really be successful with women.

It is written to make you achi The Tao of badass will show you the simple but effective method so that you will really be successful with women.


The Tao of Badass teaches you the best way to use your body language to attract, seduce, and frankly, get into bed with a woman.