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Tips dating medical resident

The rest of us face a choice: Step out into the dating world despite our workload or take up the robes of a monastic existence for the next 3-7 years. The demands of residency can make meeting new people, let alone planning and scheduling dates, feel impossible. After spending 80 hours a week in an inpatient ward, what do you talk about with someone who doesn't understand your satisfaction after a successful digital bowel disimpaction?

If you're seeing someone regularly, sharing your work schedules can help to create some predictability.“But making that transition is also one of the most rewarding parts of your medical career.You’re getting the chance to do what you set out to do. And that’s exciting.” Recognizing that intern year comes with a steep learning curve, Dr. Hoffman shared this advice with his new interns every year, in part because he believes it increases patient safety. Scheckel says he would make sure to not be so hard on himself the second time around.Weekend sport teams, book clubs, or even regular attendance in some fitness classes can fit the bill.Realistically, though, you're not always going to have time for these types of activities.

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