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Tips on dating conversation

Once we met up the spark was kind of there but not a huge spark though I decided to give another try bc our texts still flowed so easily.Well one thing led to another on our second date and we hooked up, best sex I've ever had and we agreed after that we should maybe just keep it sexual which I was fine with....until this past week. I can't stop thinking about him and its been 3 days.We said out goodbyes and went on our separate ways.As I head towards my car and as she walked towards her place (she lives close by) I was pissed off that I couldn't find the courage to say it.

I (F27) met a guy (28) online and while we were online everything was perfect, so sweet and understanding and convo flowed easily.

However, it caused a lot of trauma and when it comes to my love life I put up sooo many barriers that it becomes hard to let people in.

I know I can be social, that I am person who has a good career and spends time working on myself, and I have a lot of good friends.

He asked me over for a booty call so I drove over and we ended up staying up playing until we were exhausted and he told me I could stay over instead of driving home tired, he cuddled me, would grab for me in bed and call me "baby" he asked about my friends and family and asked if he would ever meet my friends, then before I left in the morning he got me coffee and kept grabbing me for hugs and asked me to text him i got home safe... He texted me asking if I wanted to make this a weekly thing and I jokingly told him I might catch feelings eventually if it was weekly and he told me " lol dont fall for me I would break your heart, I always screw it up when the girl is super hot and sexy and kinky in bed" I have no idea how to feel or what to do in this situation Long story short.

I have been through some hard times that were outside of my control and I managed to overcome them.

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And then it hit me, I said to myself "fuck it" , turned around and ran to her.

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