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Toronto dating fish

In recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that the CRTC and the Bureau can enforce the law against companies that send commercial emails that run afoul of the new legal standards.

Those agencies have completed three enforcement actions against Canadian businesses that highlight the millions of dollars in fines that are at stake if a company fails to obtain proper consent before sending commercial messages, doesn’t grant users the ability to unsubscribe from further messages, or sends false or misleading information.

The misleading advertising was featured in several places, including email messages.

The Bureau used the anti-spam rules, which contain new prohibitions against false or misleading commercial messaging, as part of its complaint.

Maryland state Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist Tim Groves holds a juvenile northern snakehead which he has just caught at a pond in Crofton, Md., Thursday, July 18, 2002.

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As the launch of the Canadian anti-spam law neared last spring, critics warned that enforcement was likely to present an enormous challenge.

Officials fear the Asian carp will starve out other fish in the food chain, crippling the region's multi-billion dollar fishing industry.Until officials confirm exactly what Merry caught, she's already certain of one thing: it tasted great."It didn't have a fishy taste to it, it wasn't flaky like normal fish, it was white meat but very tasteful," she said.I thought it was going to snap the line or even the pole," Merry told CTV."It actually jumped out of the water and landed at me." Merry canvassed other local fishermen before turning to the Internet for guidance.

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