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Total free adult chat and hookup

" .[color: Blue][b]bear and baby, You will receive mail after you expire but will not be able to view it unless you upgrade.

You will be able to move around the site but will not be able to see or view anything unless you upgrade to a paid member.

We are well groomed and disease free and wish to stay that way.

We may be a touch older but no way are we old we are very young minded and totally uninhibited, and very open to all experiences life has to offer.

And totally into a no strings, chat chat, email forever.

We are at a cool point of our lives and are out to do and explore whatever the hell we choose and have a great time doing it. I enjoy the simple things, so if I ask you for something insignificant don't get me something bigger and better, just get me what I asked for because I had my reasons for asking for that and not the bigger better thing.

I don't think having a pissed off "trial user" is a good way to convert them to a "paying user".

I mean if you gave the room a chance & talked, you'd have fun. If you like totally tuned bodies on men with 7" of shaved, pink cock and balls then I may be your guy. Now that I've had a few days to cool off I'll try to explain.

3) People, who while in chat complain they can't see pics but don't want to upgrade because they want someone to take pity on them to upgrade their membership. I've also visited and signed up for many personals sites.

Either they didn't allow sending or receiving email. Then I found BP and, figuring the same old stuff, I didn't read the terms of service.

But I signed up anyway and found to my amazement, very few restrictions were in place.

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Personally, I was about to upgrade to the "Lifetime membership" but now I'm not so sure.

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