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Transas enc updating

If yes, you can consider yourself trained in the practical use of ECDIS.But as the ECDIS is still evolving, you should keep your arms open for new updates and not be complacent.In this post I will be discussing how to order ENC (Electronic charts) and also how to correct ENCs on ECDIS.There are hundreds of makers for ECDIS, each having different procedures, menu and layouts.They also argue that ECDIS should not be primary means of navigation till the time all ambiguities are eliminated and procedures streamlined. In this post I am trying to streamline some of the procedures related to ECDIS.

Do you know how to do all this on ECDIS and with ENCs ?Any other type of chart (private charts) are not permitted as tools for navigation under the IMO SOLAS convention.There are two types of OFFICIAL digital/electronic charts – Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) which are known as vector charts: Raster (RNC) – this is purely a scanned and passive image of a paper chart.Vector (ENC) – these maps are manipulative by the user to show specific user-defined information and the features are drawn from a series of points, lines and area shapes.Also, warning alarms can be created to aid avoidance of disaster i.e. ENC means the database, standardised as to content, structure and format, issued for use with ECDIS on the authority of government-authorised Hydrographic Offices. SENC is an acronym for System Electronic Navigational Chart.

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However the basics of the operations are same with all of these.

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