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Triple H members Hyun A and E’Dawn have been swept up in dating rumors.

In the end, the agency reversed itself and belatedly acknowledged the relationship between Hyuna and E’Dawn.We were given permission and then it was taken away,” Stephanie said.“In terms of the reasons why, I don’t know if he was getting pressure. If it didn’t work out, what would that mean for him?On-screen, Steph was a new character, the boss’ innocent daughter, and Triple H, the rebellious degenerate.Steph had a storyline with Test (Andrew Martin, who she was engaged to on-screen.) The Creative team tried to delay their on-screen marriage, because they had zero ideas for a head turning end. They were gonna bring Stephanie and Triple H together as a couple. Triple H paid a bartender in Steph’s bridal shower, to put a date rape drug in Stephanie’s drink.

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They tried to stop seeing each other, but because of their storyline, they had to each other.