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Let's discuss Kim in this scene for a moment, shall we. Excuse me, if Kandi's house is ghetto then my house is a shanty made of cardboard and duct tape. Kim also complains that Kandi bought her house on foreclosure.Kandi, on the other hand, is proud of her good business sense.Let's put it this way: If I had a dollar for every time I heard "coochie crack" last night I might be buying Ne Ne's used Birkin. She explains there needs to be some rules and that is HER agency and she is in charge, so Kenya better shut. How powerful and strong, an inspiration to women everywhere, paragons of our species. For a so called professional and classy woman, Kenya obviously went to same etiquette school as Marlo Hampton!

Ne Ne explains that she's also been method acting and exuding her inner Kim Zolciak by practicing trailer living on the set of The New Normal. Please – like Ne Ne reminded us – we know where you came from! And apparently that's where she'll be returning to!

And she hasn't talked to her mom in forever but is close to her aunt who lives in Atlanta.

Maybe it's me, but I can't stand when the Housewives brag about how many times they've been engaged and how "allegedly" rich they are. Luckily we're about to score with a real estate tour as Kim is coerced into checking out Kandi's new home. Did Kim perhaps get a little green-eyed that she doesn't have as much green as Kandi? She complains that only ONE entry gate opens for her upon her arrival. A money tree to star shedding it's leaves upon her car? She shows up under the impression that this is a good thing but then she's dropping evil nibblets off her tongue the moment she arrives. Kim then calls Kandi's neighborhood "ghetto," insisting she had to lock her car doors when she got off the freeway.

My how the tables have turned now that Ne Ne holds the keys – and the wallet! And she's talking trash about her parents right out of the gate. Anyway, the other thing going on in Casa de renta-Biermann is that the Biermanns have been evicted and now allegedly owe their decorator/landlord Kendra a lot of kash!

Ne Ne is playing coy about rekindling things with Gregg. Moving on, Kandi Burruss is innnn love and we meet Todd. Kim doesn't want to move, though and wheedles with Kroy about paying too much for the house and staying put. The quotes are coming in at a ridiculous 0,000 – and I'm not sure why Kim can't pack a box. I moved at six months pregnant and you better believe it was U-Haul and me shoving my own lamps in a box.

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And onto Phaedra Parks, Attorney at Law and Mortician-in-Training, she has her eyes set on four-legged friends.

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