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Ubuntu updating kernel

The Linux kernel is the foundation on which all the different types of Linux, operate.

It is Open Source software – anyone can decompile, examine, and modify the code.

In this guide, we have given 7 different ways to update Linux kernel for Ubuntu.

Among the 7 methods, five methods requires system reboot to apply the new Kernel and two methods don’t.

It will install kernel security patches only when you run the command “apt-get upgrade”, hence is semi-automatic. If you have more than three, you need to upgrade to enterprise support solution named Ubuntu Advantage suite. Get a key at https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/. Kernel Care is the newest of all the live patching solutions. Kernel Care runs on Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux.

You can read all the features and benefits of Kernel Care here and check all available plan details here.

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Visit Stack Exchange linux-image-4.9.22-040922-generic_4.9.22-040922.201704120731_i386linux-headers-4.9.22-040922-generic_4.9.22-040922.201704120731_i386linux-headers-4.9.22-040922_4.9.22-040922.201704120731_And I installed them using Ubuntu store but my kernel version is the same what should I do to update it ?

The basic plan (Essential plan) starts from 225 USD per year for one physical node and 75 USD per year for one VPS. Compared to Ubuntu Livepatch, kernel Care seems very cheap and affordable.

It seems there is no monthly subscription for Ubuntu servers and desktops. Good thing is monthly subscriptions are also available.

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Before updating Linux Kernel, it is highly recommended to backup your important data!